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Engaging in conversations on the future of rurality is at the core of our practice.


Follow here our extensive event program and dig into our archive material from past events. 

Fehmarn presentation-1.jpg

May 31, 2022
'Femern Belt Initiativ' Workshop Il
at Heilighafen (DE)

A a new Danish-German region is taking shape due to the Fehmarn Belt Connection. We wish to pursue a collaborative, research-based planning initiative for this new region. More information here


May 20-23, 2022
'Re-scaling the Rural' - conference in Thy/Aarhus with Aarhus School of Architecture

Data centres, precision-farming, home offices and increasing connectivity: new forms of rurality are emerging physically and conceptually, and new dynamics are at play between ‘human’, ‘extra human’ and ‘non-human’ scales. What possibilities might there be within these new inter-scale relationships? What social and environmental gains and losses are at stake?

More information here

Fehmarn presentation-1.jpg

April 1, 2022
'Femern Belt Initiativ' Workshop I
at Østagergård and Ruc

A a new Danish-German region is taking shape due to the Fehmarn Belt Connection. We wish to pursue a collaborative, research-based planning initiative for this new region. More information here


February 28, 2022
RURAL AGENCY will present an online lecture for students at Technological University Dublin


September 16, 2021
RURAL AGENCY will be speaking at Rural Impact Day Conference  

Rural Impact Day brings together agtech innovators and investors together under one mission: emission free agriculture and food production. This event is initiated to spark a discussion on the global potential in the transformation of agriculture and the countryside. Organized by Rural Agency.


August 20, 2021
RURAL AGENCY have been selected for Dreyers Foundation Mentorship Programme 2021

We are delighted to have been selected for the Dreyers Foundation Mentorship Programme for new architecture practices and looking forward to working with our mentor. 


May, 2021
Architectural Research European Network Association 

Anna Sofie Hvid is elected member due to her research work in relation to rurality. More information here


December 4, 2020
RURAL AGENCY will present a lecture at Aarhus School of Architecture, Radical Sustainable Architecture


October 5, 2020
RURAL AGENCY will be speaking The Danish Association of Architects 

The way we live and occupy physical space is changing not only in the cities but also in the countryside. From high-tech agriculture to eco villages - the countryside is becoming a controversial lab for the future relationship between city and countryside.

More information here


September 7, 2020
RURAL AGENCY will present a lecture at KADK Political Architecture


June 29 - July 5, 2020
RURAL AGENCY will be speaking at Art and Rural Imagination Conference 

Art and the Rural Imagination is a slow conference presented in partnership with Arts University Bournemouth. The conference explores ‘The Rural’ as a central concern in contemporary artistic practice and debate.

More information here


March 6, 2020
Tor Nørretranders will be speaking on Østagergård, RURAL AGENCY office

Do we dare think positively about the future? and how can a sense of community and resonance with the [human and non-human] "Umwelt" provide a platform for possible sustainable futures?

Listen to the lecture though the archive link below (in Danish). 


Januray 24 - 25, 2020
Contemporary Ruralities

Contemporary Ruralities // Changing Grounds.

Public symposium at Danish Architecture Centre in connection with the exhibition ’Going Rural’ by Rural Agency (then Rural Agentur). 

The symposium brings together architects, researchers, artists and practitioners from diverse backgrounds to convey the cracks and lines in approaching rurality today. 
Here you will be able to find out more about it and access to the presented material.

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November 8, 2019
Reading The Rural Workshop

With this workshop we wish to convey techniques of approaching the rural through remote sensing, a method which allows for a complex understanding of the physical changes in the non-urban landscape.

This workshop aims at creating an understanding and an image of “The Rural” as multiple entities that will be constructed by overlaying ‘data’ produced by various institutions operating at different resolutions and from different parts of the planet.


November 1. 2019 - February 2. 2020
Exhibition at DAC Danish Architecture Centre 

More information here

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