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Remote sensing workshop. 

Rurality - a controversial concept.

Sahir Patel

With this workshop we wish to convey techniques of approaching rurality through remote sensing, a method which allows for a complex understanding of the physical changes in the non-urban landscape.

While we have statistical tools at hand to conceptualize, measure and map degrees of urbanism, we don’t have similar concepts to address rurality.

We wish to demonstrate ways of addressing the rural and the rapid changes that are currently taking place due to climate change, demographic changes as well as changes in agriculture.

This workshop aims at creating an understanding and an image of “The Rural” as multiple entities that will be constructed by overlaying ‘data’ produced by various institutions operating at different resolutions and from different parts of the planet.

The workshop is arranged by Rural Agentur as part of the exhibition Going Rural at DAC (Danish Architecture Centre) in collaboration with Sahir Patel. 

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