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Exhibition at Danish Architecture Centre
'Going Rural'


1.11.2019 - 2.2.2020


Rural Agentur in collaboration

with DAC and Dreyers Foundation

Since UN declared the advent of an "urban age" in 2008, a burgeoning discussion regarding the definition of rural versus urban has unfolded.


Whereas most countries world wide have statistical definitions of what is considered "urban", there is no similar definition of what is "rural". Is the rural simply the left over part? In this research exhibition supported by Dreyers Foundation, Rural Agentur addresses rurality as a concept, which is subject to controversy - in Denmark as well as globally.


The exhibition's center piece is 120 m2 of wheat field, harvested from the fields at Rural Agentur's office farm and carefully re-installed on the three exhibition plateaus. On each plateau, one perspective on rurality is unfolded on a large billboard and a companion reader. Specially designed benches allows for contemplation and for you to write to us your concepts of rurality. 

Can You Read The Rural.jpg
Do You Live In The Center.jpg
Can You Value The Rural.jpg
Should Humans Live Here.jpg
Can You Imagine The Rural.jpg
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