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House extension to the former
Jystrup Station


2020 - 2022 


Private owner


Rural Agency

The former Jystrup station was only in use for a decade before the train line between Ringsted and Hvalsø was closed. The station building remains as a beautiful example of ambitious public architecture in the countryside in the early 20th century. 

Today, the station building has been transformed into 2 separate housing units.

Rural Agentur was assigned with the task of designing an extension for one of the unit, which respectfully fits in with the existing architecture. 

20200524_fase 2_dispositionsforslag_-6.jpg
20200524_fase 2_dispositionsforslag_-10.jpg
20200524_fase 2_dispositionsforslag_-11.jpg
20200524_fase 2_dispositionsforslag_-8.jpg
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